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This article has been scientifically reviewed for accuracy by our Chief Science Officer, a Terpene researcher, Dr. John Streicher, Ph.D.

Divine Elements: Terpenes and Botanical Synergy


Divine Elements’ products are rich not only in CBD but also in terpenes–natural compounds that may enhance the activity of cannabinoid compounds, with the potential to amplify the benefits of CBD. Like CBD, terpenes are naturally occurring compounds synthesized by the hemp plant under natural growing conditions. And terpenes are key to the superior benefits that Divine Elements’ CBD can offer.

Most products on today’s market are created using crude extraction processes or harsh chemicals that strip CBD of these synergistic compounds that naturally accompany it in the hemp plant. This is why many of these products can be less effective; as we demonstrate in this article, terpenes are thought to play an important role in the effectiveness of CBD.

Luckily, Divine Elements’ products are rich in terpenes that multiply the benefits and amplify the therapeutic scope of CBD. Our products harness CBD alongside these critical compounds that naturally accompany it in the hemp plant, resulting in more effective, potent, and therapeutic products. With Divine Elements, you can rest assured that you are receiving CBD in its purest, most powerful form, and with the aid of terpenes, our CBD products have a diverse range of benefits with something to offer for everyone.

But what are terpenes, and why are they so important to the quality of our CBD? What benefits do these compounds offer, and why does Divine Elements place so much emphasis on creating a terpene-rich CBD formula? In this article, we answer these questions and more, covering everything you need to know about terpenes, and explaining why these compounds are so important when it comes to improving your quality of life with CBD.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in the hemp plant, where they grow alongside CBD.

But terpenes aren’t exclusive to hemp–they are found in the majority of plants and give those plants their natural smell. Limonene is found in lemons and other citrus fruits; pinene gives pine trees their distinctive smell. Terpenes are also utilized in essential oils due to their therapeutic qualities: you may notice that products–CBD or not–designed to deliver a calming effect often contain lavender, whose soothing properties come from the terpene linalool. These are just a few examples; there are hundreds of terpenes found in hemp and other plants, and Divine Elements harnesses many of these compounds to deliver a one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience.

As pleasing as their aromatic qualities may be, however, terpenes offer far more than smell and flavor. They are powerful therapeutic compounds, and in Divine Elements’ CBD products, they combine with CBD to multiply its benefits.

Terpenes & The “Entourage Effect”

By creating a terpene-rich formula, Divine Elements seeks to amplify the effectiveness of CBD and provide consumers with the synergy and additional benefits that terpenes can provide. In doing so, we hope to enhance and diversify the range of benefits that CBD may provide with the support of these all-natural compounds. Researchers have proposed that terpenes may synergize with CBD to offer a widely sought “entourage effect,” which we aim to harness in our terpene-rich formula. This phrase refers to the hypothesis of botanical synergy and was coined after a study by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam showed that CBD appeared more effective in the presence of other hemp-derived compounds. The entourage effect hypothesis suggests that CBD and terpenes could synergize in the human body and work together to produce superior effects. In fact, the researchers found that comparatively small doses of terpene-rich CBD produced benefits unattainable even with large doses of products containing CBD alone.

This hypothesis has led researchers to examine the way in which terpenes may enhance the activity of cannabinoids such as CBD within the body, helping cannabinoids realize their full therapeutic potential. This increase in power and potency also correlates to a wider and more diverse scope of healing attributes, thus multiplying the therapeutic benefits of CBD formulas rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Divine Elements’ Chief Science Officer, Dr. Streicher, has been a key contributor to recent research on how terpenes could enhance and empower CBD. As Streicher wrote in a recent study, terpenes “enhance the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids” such as CBD, and “could produce an ‘entourage effect’ where they modulate cannabinoids to result in improved outcomes” (1).

What Do Terpenes Do?

With Divine Elements, you can rest assured that you are receiving CBD in its purest and most powerful form. Our products harness the botanical synergy of CBD and terpenes, allowing these compounds to work together in the body and multiply the therapeutic effects of our products.

Terpenes are thought to enhance the effects of CBD by acting as cannabimimetic compounds–non-cannabinoid compounds that have the ability to interact with the endocannabinoid and related systems. The mechanisms of action whereby terpenes enhance the activity of CBD are incredible and multifaceted, and we provide an in-depth overview of how and why terpenes strengthen CBD in our next article.

The Benefits of Terpenes in Our Full-Spectrum CBD
Terpenes not only empower CBD–they also offer their own, distinctive benefits, and each terpene contributes those benefits to the overall effect of our products. As aforementioned, there are hundreds of terpenes, and their variety and benefits are too exhaustive to list in their entirety. Below, however, we provide a few examples of terpenes found in Divine Elements’ CBD and the unique therapeutic properties that they contribute to our CBD products:

Linalool is suggested to soothe stress and support sleep.
Myrcene may help reduce pain and inflammation while supporting healthy sleep and strengthening the immune system.
Limonene may support mood and could help manage stress and inflammation. Like many other terpenes, limonene is suggested to act as an antioxidant and may strengthen immunity. Researchers also suggest that this terpene could aid digestion.
Pinene is suggested to have antioxidant properties. This terpene is associated with uplifting, mood-boosting properties; it may decrease mental fatigue, support mental clarity, and aid focus. Researchers suggest that by boosting the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, pinene may aid cognition, and could enhance memory and learning. Like the other terpenes discussed here, pinene may also have the potential to help the body fight off inflammation.
Caryophyllene. Researchers suggest that caryophyllene may have positive effects on cognition, attention, and alertness. Some studies have also suggested that this terpene may be neuroprotective.
These are just a few examples of hundreds of terpenes suggested to produce profound benefits for physical and mental health. Divine Elements’ CBD is rich in these terpenes and dozens of others that contribute amazing benefits like these to the overall impact of our products.

Want to learn more about how terpenes work? Check out our next article on how and why terpenes enhance CBD.

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