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CBD Delivery Methods: What You Need To Know

You have decided that you want to give CBD oil a try! The thing is you are not sure what is the best way to start. There are several delivery methods and you are wondering which one is best for you. Let’s explore the options and what you need to know to make an informed choice.

What is a delivery method?

A delivery method is the way you take CBD. You can ingest CBD oil sublingually (under your tongue), inhale it in the form of a vape, or rub CBD infused topicals on your skin. These are the most common delivery methods and there are various products that provide a fast, effective, easy, pleasant experience.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Possibly, one of the most popular and effective delivery systems is CBD oil tincture. Tinctures are taken sublingually (under your tongue). When taking CBD oil internally, sublingual delivery is the most bioavailable, meaning it provides the highest rate of absorption into the body. When you swallow CBD oil or any other substance it must first pass through the digestive tract. From there it is moved to the hepatic portal, where liver enzymes will break it down. After that process, any remaining CBD will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Happily, when the CBD Tincture is held under the tongue it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream by the capillaries under the tongue. This means there is more CBD available for the body and it acts faster and more effectively than if swallowed!

Vaping CBD Oil

Another highly popular delivery method for CBD oil is vaping. Vaping is considered the fastest delivery method for CBD. The CBD oil or CBD Vape Juice is loaded in a cartridge or vape pen, similar to an e-cigarette.

The reason that vaping CBD works faster than other delivery methods is that it goes directly into the lungs. Again, this delivery method bypasses the digestive process and the CBD is diffused from the lungs, directly into your bloodstream. This also permits the maximum bioavailability of CBD in the body.

Another advantage of vaping CBD is that it is portable and allows for dosing easily throughout the day. In addition, it has been found that vaping CBD can be helpful for cigarette smokers to quit. Often, cigarette smokers, not intending to quit, that start vaping CBD find that they have reduced craving for the nicotine in cigarettes. The benefits of CBD, anti-anxiety, pain relief and a general feeling of calm, also assist in helping cigarette smokers quit.

CBD Topicals

CBD creams, massage oils and other topical products have been shown to deliver many benefits. CBD creams provide vast benefits to the skin as well as providing local pain relief management. CBD has been shown to provide dermatological benefits to the skin, which include helping with the management of skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Many massage therapists are including CBD massage oils in their therapy protocol because of the pain relief and calming benefits.

Whichever delivery method you choose, just know that, just like it is said about types of exercise: “What works best, is the one you use” You can’t really make a wrong choice; the benefits of CBD are delivered to you in all methods!

Have you tried CBD? If so, what are your favorite delivery methods and why? Please share in the comment section below. We love hearing from you!

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