About Us

Divine Elements is a botanical-focused CBD Wellness & Beauty Line

Evolving the way of wellness

Divine Elements was founded on the goal to evolve the way CBD and other cannabinoids are thought about for use in everyday life. We strive to break the stigma surrounding these plant compounds by creating CBD products that are highly effective, desirable, and easily accessible. To do so, we have united with local higher learning institutions, agriculture specialists and real estate operations to further develop our products and bring them to retail locations that are easily accessible for our community.

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Ingredient synergy remains our point of focus

We make it our goal to bring to you the absolute best of what nature’s medicine has to offer. Every formula is thoughtfully crafted with each botanical being picked for its cannabimetic compounds and proven uses throughout time. Cannabimetic compounds are compounds that are found in other plants besides cannabis that act like cannabinoids by binding to your CB1 and CB2 receptors. Flavonoids, terpenes, and select fatty acid profiles are what we search for in each ingredient. Plants like aloe, arnica and calendula all have incredible anti- inflammatory flavonoids that we infuse into blends of oil that are high in omega-3. We then strengthen those cannabimetic blends with CBD to create powerful formulas that have a wide span of ailments they help treat and naturally heal.

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Mango Butter

For cell regeneration and anti aging

Aloe Vera

Heals wounds and treats skin conditions


Rich in vitamins and minerals

Arnica Flower


Our Location

Thornydale Plaza (9665 N Thornydale Rd Ste 120)

We are located on the east side of the plaza, next to Roadrunner Coffee. Sample all of our products and talk to our representatives about which products will be best for you. Open 11am-3pm Tuesday – Saturday.